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Welcome To Airbrush Art by Terry

 Hello and welcome!
   In the last few years, people, in general, have been bored with their cars. Long gone are the good ol' days of the Thunderbirds, roadsters, and hot rods, where every car was a custom job, and looked it too. Every car today looks as if they are all the end product of the same boring production line.
   "I know!", you groan, "I hate it too! But there's nothing I can do about it, right?"
   There is an effective and affordable way for you to turn your car, motorcycle, or van into the eye-catching piece of machinery of your dreams. It's as simple as a new paint job.
   You wince.
   "Custom paint jobs look great", you admit, "but they are SO expensive!"
   Wrong again.

With today's up-to-date methods, combined with the industry's best, and the tried and true experience that comes from making (literally) thousands of cutomers walk away happy, it is very possible for you to have an eye-catching and comment provoking paint job for much less than you think. Wouldn't you just love to put a blazing custom paint "flame job" on that little Honda? It can be done. Or advertise your business on the side of your van? It can be done. Or make that old hog look brand spanking new? It can be done. Anything and everything that your mind can imagine, and some things that you can't even dream of, are all waiting for you to see, touch, and take home with you.
   Custom paint is back, my friends. And it's bigger and better than ever.


Airbrush art by Terry


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